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It is important to note that, in accordance with the Andalusian Parliament`s Act 8/1997 of 23 December 1997, the owner must file the Fianza payment of the lease agreement with the regional government of Andalusia during the term of the lease. according to the agreement between the landlord and the tenant. This amount must be returned when the lease is signed. The amount is being agreed between the landlord and the tenant The following article will explain what the obligation is, what the rent deposit is and how they distinguish. Subscribe to this expense book for more curation articles on this topic Both concepts have similar factors. The surety or surety regarding the amount of the advance guarantee. These amounts should be made available to the landlord as a tenant before entering the house. . .

. For rents, this amount corresponds to one month`s rent. In this case, the owner has the right to withhold such an obligation or such a surety or part of it. The owner must provide the amount at the time of signing the lease. Although they have similarities, there are differences to consider. Agency of the autonomous region in which the treaty is celebrated. It is important to note that both are subject to restitution as long as no outstanding debt has been incurred with the owner or the apartment has been damaged or damaged. Spanish Abstract: Este artéculo analiza el depésito de dinero introducido en el Anteproyecto de Cédigo Mercantil como a financial contract.

Se estudian sus precedentes y las novedades de la propuesta para llegar a la conclusién de que el regimen proyectado cuestiona la reserva legal sobre la recepcién de depésitos del péblico sien contrario al Derecho comunitario. Abstract: This article analyzes the deposit of money as a financial contract introduced in the draft Spanish code of commerce. The article examines the precedents and innovative aspects of the proposal. The conclusion indicates that the draft regulation calls into question the legal reservation that is made on the activity of withdrawal of public deposits, which is contrary to EU law. Econometric Modeling: Financial Markets Regulation eJournal European Economics: Microeconomics – Industrial Organization eJournal Returning after the termination of the contract (maximum period from the end of contract). However, the surety is the amount available to the owner of the performance of the contract. If the tenant does not meet on the agreed dates, the landlord has the right to withhold this amount. At Benarroch Real Estate, we can manage the entire process through our special Peace of Mind Rentals service to help you formalize your deposit when you rent a property in Marbella.

Spanish law distinguishes between what he calls Fianza and dépesito. Both are security deposits, but the concepts are very different, which can be confusing. It is important to make sure that you understand them clearly when renting. . When our customers use our special Safe of Mind Rentals Service, the security deposit (fianza) will be given to the owner who must file it with the regional government of Andalusia. The security deposit is kept by Benarroch Real Estate, so it can be used to cover any failure of the tenant to pay the rent. . Keywords of the article: Depésito de dinero, depésito bancario, Cédigo Mercantil, depésito irregular, contratos financieros; 1007 1990 1991 1991 1992 2006, employment policy, employment policy, employment policy, policy of the additional amount (it can be asked of the owner or not) Public choice: analysis of collective decision-making eJournal It is not updated, except that it is agreed between the two parties.