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Caseware License Agreement

You grant CaseWare Africa a worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive and free license for the use, reproduction, personalization, publication, translation and dissemination of your user content in existing or future media. They also grant CaseWare Africa the right to sublicensing these rights and the right to sue for violation of these rights. This license is the complete agreement on software, access equipment and documentation and replaces all prior agreements and assurances between the licensee and the CWI. This licence can only be modified or supplemented by a written instrument (i) duly signed on behalf of the CWI and the licensee or (ii) provided by the CWI in physical or electronic form and accepted on behalf of the taker by one of the methods covered in Section 2. The acceptance of an order or other offer by a supplier is expressly subject to the customer`s agreement on the terms contained in the supplier, and not to the conditions contained in the order or any other request or offer, provided that the order terms are in conflict with the terms of that license or modify them. The titles are used only for reference purposes and have no influence on the structure or interpretation of this licence. In this license, the attached programs, as modified or supplemented by an improvement or other improvement obtained by a vendor, are called “software”; “supplier,” cWI or licensed distributor; Any copy of the software`s subject code and any software enhancements or other changes received by a vendor are referred to as “copy provided”; A delivered copy and a copy of it, made admissible under this licence, are referred to as “licensed copies” and “licensed copy” and “licensed copy”; End-user manuals received from a vendor on the software (printed or electronic) that the provider, as modified from time to time, calls “documentation”; “collateral program,” a computer program other than a CaseWare program, designed to work in conjunction with a CaseWare program or to transmit or receive data to a CaseWare program; “access device,” any physical or electronic key or transferable identifier required for a licensed program to be provided by a provider; “derivative work,” a computer program made available to third parties by the licensee or a related company, which can be confused with one or more CaseWare programs because of its user interface nature, graphic or design elements, structure, workflow organization or any other aspect; “improvement,” any software changes, with the exception of correcting errors or errors confirmed by the CWI; “Intellectual property rights”: all rights of use, reproduction, reproduction, reproduction, licensing, improvement, improvement, merger, transcrimination, adaptation or dissemination by all means and for any purpose, including all property rights under patent law, copyright or other applicable legal provisions or common law principles, which confer a right to ideas, formulas, algorithms, concepts, inventions or know-how in general, including trade secrecy, or their expression or use, as well as all registrations, registrations, applications, new issues, extensions, extensions, splits, suites, suites, partial suites, protected information, documentation and improvements regarding said information documents, “licensed CPU”, a centralized processing unit controlled by the licensee in a multi-user environment accessible by a modem , a network or any other means of remote access and/or on a single stand-alone computer; “licensed staff,” staff, partner and persons of the taker who provide services exclusively to the licensee; “model,” the part of a CaseWare program consisting of either (i) an example of text, format and/or layout for the presentation and reporting of data processed by a CaseWare program and/or the disclosure of related information, or (ii) of a work tool such as a checklist or letter template; “Benchmark-Da