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Mildred Elley Articulation Agreement

Some articulation chords may not be mentioned. If you are going to a community school and find out if we have partnered with your school, please contact us at the [email protected] address. This page contains a selected list of current articulation agreements that SJC Brooklyn has with partner institutions. The agreements describe the specific courses a student must take at his university in order to participate in a specific program at the Brooklyn CJS. The articulation agreements mentioned below should only be used in reference to students. For specific questions regarding course work or SJC equivalencies, please contact the Admissions Office at [email protected] or 718.940.5800. Another update, so I finished by mildred elley they are accredited both nationally and regionally. I passed my NCLEX and am currently applying for an RN program from a list of articulation schools. Good luck It is important to note that the new agreements are negotiated regularly and that credits are generally transferred to most higher education institutions and universities, whether listed or if they are part of an interoperability agreement. Hello, I`m back to give an update, so I spent my teas and I hired in the LPN program 5 months now to finish in May `18, we currently have 2 RN articulation agreements with Unive Versity With LPN at BSN and Helene Fuld with DNA LPN, if you go for MA, there are a number of other schools for the joint. Also, as already mentioned Mildred Elley is not accredited national you woyld kbow looking at the revelations on his website, but they are accredited at the regional level, so it is easier to move from private to other private institutions. I`ve heard some of the new graduates plan for next month to go to Pace University and I`ve heard that some might even go to Monroe University to get other degrees.

I think, at first I was thrown becaise from the beginning my eyes were glued to get in lpn as I keep thinking I pre-reqs and like the whole nursing school Teas or NLN-Pax test to get in….. and if you are looking for a current ma to take teas to get there there is no waiting list is all that is discouraging to hear say. There has never been a waiting list because there are not enough people to pass the teas to fill all the beds in the lpn program…. Good luck wishing you all the pace in your efforts!!!! I am currently a mildred elley student as I have 2 other pre-req classes to complete and the tea test next month will be accepted into the clinical LPN part of the program.