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Open Text License Agreement

“OpenText Corporation (also writes opentext) is a Canadian company that develops and distributes software for enterprise information management (EIM). OpenText, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, is The largest software company in Canada since 2014 and recognized by Mediacorp Canada Inc. as one of Canada`s 100 largest employers in 2016. OpenText software manages unstructured content or data for large companies, government agencies and professional services companies. OpenText aims to meet information management requirements, including managing large amounts of content, meeting legal requirements, and managing the mobile and online experience. OpenText employs more than 10,000 people worldwide and is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ (OTEX) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (OTEX). For more information on OpenText products and solutions, see If z.B. a single-read license user moves a document to the content suite, it will automatically be designated as a standard license in the next trial. The user in playback alone has no warning, restriction or restriction if he performs an action, for example. B moving a document that updates its account to a full-use license. Another example is participation in ANY Workflow — this error is really easy to make. This license has the same or similar functions as the standard license, with the exception of the purpose of this license is limited to system testing, development, backup, defects and monitoring purposes.

Users cannot use a non-production license unless their production licenses disconnect. As noted above, licences granted to employees who no longer work with the licensee may be awarded to another person. If a user who no longer works for your business does not have access to the content suite, open yourself and your business at risk. By reassigning the license or removing old licenses, current and former employees are less likely to violate the licence limit. Any OpenText™ agreement has a date and version number that is usually in the document`s baseline. If you are a new OpenText customer, the corresponding version is the latest version of the list below. Current OpenText customers must choose the version that relates to the validity of their purchase. If you can`t find the temporary agreement, please contact your OpenText sales agent. Or contact John Mapp or Marcus Cowley – 0118 984 8050 – OpenText or its mandated agent undertakes to provide institutions, as part of this agreement, with new versions and new versions of the system for all items for which they are authorized, provided they are commercially available, as defined in the current OpenText platform availability list, for the duration of the agreement.

Through OpenTextOpenText, The Information Company™, it enables companies to gain knowledge through market-leading information management solutions, both locally and in the cloud. For more information about OpenText (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTEX), visit This is a little known fact, but OpenText offers a limited-play licensing model for OpenText Content Suite users. OpenText writing license is cheaper than full-use license, but limits users to displaying documents: do most people recognize that they log in before their registration versions as customers of their software? Well, that`s a questionable question. Many people skip the terms of software licenses and “accept” to get the software on their computers, laptops or servers. However, in many cases, the ECJ may still be applicable. For example, if your reading-only collaborators know that they only need to interact with documents that do not need to be moved or processed, they are less likely to perform these actions and exceed their licensing limits. This means that if one of a licensee violates its limits, the licensee is responsible.