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Salesforce Master Services Agreement

5.1.12. Google Programs and Services. The SFDC platform or service features that collaborate with Google programs and services depend on the continued availability of Google`s application programming interfaces (APIs) and usage programs with the SFDC platform and service. If Google Inc. ceases to provide sFDC with these APIs and/or programs on reasonable terms, SFDC may stop providing such features without you or the reseller for refunds, credits or other compensation. “I think sellers only have an incentive to include more users in agreements. That`s all from their point of view. “Support” is our technical service staff, online manuals, electronic communications and videos that are available to help troubleshoot and correct potential software outages. Before you sign up with Salesforce on the dotted line, you should be aware that these integrations can be interrupted at any time in accordance with Section 4.2 of the Salesforce User Agreement. In the section entitled “Integration with Non-SFDC Applications,” it is noted that others report that Account Executives (AEs) are disappearing or no longer reacting completely once you have signed the Salesforce contract, and indicate that AEs are being replaced by other EAs who claim that they are not responsible for the original agreement, etc. “Services” refers to the online applications and platforms that we provide through and/or other websites described in the User`s Guide and that you order as part of a free 30-day trial or order form, including associated offline components, but without third-party applications. 5.1.2.

Third. resellers and other third-party providers, some of which may appear on pages of the SFDC website and AppExchange application providers, offer products and services related to the platform, SFDC service and/or reseller application, including implementation, adaptation and other consulting services related to the use of the platform and/or SFDC service by customers, and applications (both offline and online) working with the platform, SFDC service and/or application. B, by exchanging data with the platform, SFDC service and/or reseller application, or by additional features in the platform`s user interface, SFDC service and/or reseller application through the use of the SFD platform and/or application programming interface. SFDC does not guarantee these third-party products or their products or services, including, but not exclusively, the reseller`s application or other dealer products or services, whether these products or services are “certified,” “validated” or otherwise designated by SFDC. Any data exchange or other interactions between you and a third-party provider, including, but not limited to the reseller application, and any purchase of a product or service offered by such a third-party provider, including, but not limited to the reseller application, is done exclusively between you and a third party. In addition, SFDCs or resellers may from time to time offer you certain additional features (not defined as part of the SFDC platform or service) for a fee based on a passport or OEM service, in accordance with the terms set by the licensee and which you have agreed to in the separate purchase of these additional features.